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The HISPANIC COMMITTEE OF THE SOUTH, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C) 3 organization formed for charitable, educational, disaster relief and scientific purposes.


To enable Hispanic immigrants to more fully participate in and contribute to American Society. The Hispanic Committee of the South assists to overcome barriers of language, culture and isolation by linking individuals to community services and empowering them with new skills.


To Create, Develop, Implement and provide quality, convenient programs for individuals primary benefiting persons with Hispanic background, cultural and/or familial ties, and language.


The Hispanic Committee of the South is the first organization created for the primary benefit of Hispanics in Central Louisiana.

The Hispanic Committee of the South offers a fully Bilingual and Bi-cultural staff working for the community.

The Hispanic Committee of the South is a client focused organization that delivers integrated, comprehensive and individualized case managements services.


5438 Shreveport Hwy, Pineville. Louisiana 73160

Phone : 318-640-2282 /  Fax : 318-787-6355

E-Mail: hispaniccommitte@bellsouth.net